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Eerik’s Island is the flagship in the field of berry teas. We have extensive experience in making berry teas and have satisfied even the most demanding customers.

Become a partner of Eerik’s Island

Why choose Eerik’s Island as your partner?

Eerik’s Island offers the opportunity to create a corporate gift with your own face and message. A beautiful jar with a high-quality corporate gift will impress everyone!

Gift your colleague, business partner, or valuable customer with high-quality genuine taste experiences!

Send us your logo and idea, and we will do everything else:

If you don’t quite have your own idea yet, no worries! Ask us for an inspiration catalog, and we can guarantee that your gift will be unique and memorable!


Order a high-quality, organic, and flavorful corporate gift from us!

Eerik’s Island tea series

Sustainability focused

Our commitment to sustainability shapes every decision we make, which is why we’ve embraced the use of natural, reusable packaging materials like glass, and biodegradable tea bags. This approach not only reduces our environmental impact but also aligns with our ethos of nurturing the planet for future generations.

Organically produced

We believe in nurturing the earth and our bodies with only the purest ingredients, free from synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers.

Locally sourced

We partner with local farmers and suppliers to source sustainable, reliable ingredients, bolstering the local economy and minimizing our carbon footprint while fostering strong connections with our community and land.