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Eerik's Island

Eerik’s Island is an Estonian organic tea brand that operates at Eeriksaare farm amidst the primeval forests of Alam-Pedja. We combine traditional tea-making methods with modern technology and sustainable agriculture principles to create unique and aromatic tea blends.

Tea farm

Eeriksaare (Eerik’s Island in Estonian) is located in Central Estonia, at a place where the Alam-Pedja nature reserve, Soosaare buffer zone (protected area), and Parika nature reserve meet. Far from major roads and industries, to ensure the purest possible raw materials.

The fields of Eerik’s Island are situated on organic lands, where we adhere to organic standards as well as carbon content in the soil. Our fields have provably increased their carbon content every year, meaning they are carbon sequestering. Better for the environment, better for us all!

Did you know that Estonia is one of the only countries in the world that meets the WHO criteria for clean air regarding PM2.5? This guarantees that our herbal plants are the cleanest in the entire world!

A clean environment, biodiversity, and a healthy attitude towards life are worth sharing! Eerik’s Island offers work for more than 100 youth camp participants each summer, who learn about plants and rural life with us. Every year, we host 3-4 youth camps, who get the opportunity to gather herbal plants in the forest or field and see how herb cultivation is done.

The berries of Eerik’s Island are picked from the forests of the Nordic countries, and we know every farmer we cooperate with. This way, we can guarantee the best quality and stability.

The combination of experience and a clean environment makes Eerik’s Island teas unique. Natural and additive-free food is the best thing we can offer!

Maari Soekov

Maari’s work combines fragments from personal experience, folklore and meditative states of consciousness. I’m drawn to metaphors and metamorphosis, the surreal otherworld behind the ordinary. In my work I contemplate the basics of subjective reality and explore the deep oceans of personal mythologies. My artistic universe is inhabited by creatures that dwell in the fluctuating world between the lines of everyday and ordinary experience. Portraits of these creatures are reflections of events and patterns that occur in real life.