Terms and Conditions

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The owner and manager of personal data for the online store eeriksisland.Com is eerik’s island ltd (registration code 16847276), located at viljandi county, viljandi parish, eesnurga village, teemaja, 70306, phone +372 53340820, and email info@eeriksisland.com.

General and ordering conditions

1. Scope and validity of conditions

These conditions of use for the eerik’s island ltd e-store (hereafter referred to as conditions) apply to all individuals (hereafter referred to as buyer) who use the eeriksisland.Com e-store (hereafter referred to as e-store), order goods and services (hereafter referred to as goods) from the e-store, including entering into a purchase-sale agreement for buying goods from the e-store (hereafter referred to as sales agreement).

By accepting the conditions, the buyer confirms that they have read the terms of the sales agreement, agree with them, and will adhere to them.

2. Purchasing goods and placing orders in the e-store

It is possible to purchase those goods in the e-store which have the “add to cart” link. The price and availability of goods may change dynamically and without notice. If the buyer places an order before the price of the goods changes, the price at the time of the order will apply.

2.1. Shopping cart and placing an order

The quantity of goods in the shopping cart can be changed. The terms of purchase can be reviewed in the e-store, and agreement with them is confirmed by marking a checkbox next to the terms.

To confirm the order, the buyer must click on the “place order” button, and the buyer will be directed to the payment method page, where a suitable payment method must be chosen. The buyer can change the payment method in the final stage of the order. Buyer’s details must be entered and the “continue” button pressed. Subsequently, the final payment method choice appears for order confirmation and purchase completion. The buyer can select a payment method and pay for their purchase.

The sales agreement is considered concluded from the moment the sum due according to the order confirmation is received on the seller’s bank account. An unpaid order confirmation is not fulfilled by the seller.

2.2. Price information and payment for goods

The currency of the e-store is euro (€). Prices include vat. Prices of goods may change without notice.

The seller is not responsible for any other taxes or fees that may be applied to the buyer, for which the buyer remains fully responsible.

Payments for goods can be made via montonio finance ltd:

Via bank link (swedbank, seb, lhv, coop bank, luminor, citadele, revolut, n26)

By credit card (visa, mastercard)

After payment, the e-store sends an order confirmation to the buyer’s email.

All personal data disclosed during the visit and purchases in the e-store are treated as confidential information. An encrypted data transmission channel with banks ensures the security of the buyer’s personal data and banking details. Representatives of the seller do not have access to the encrypted data.

2.3. Product delivery

The delivery partners of eeriksisland.Com e-store are estonian post ltd (omniva), itella smartpost, and dpd. Products are delivered within an average of 2-4 working days, up to a maximum of 7 days, depending on the capacity of the delivery partners.

We are not responsible for delays related to order delivery or delivery to the wrong address or person if the order was placed with incomplete or inaccurate data.

We do everything possible to deliver the order within the expected timeframe, but delays may occasionally be inevitable due to unforeseen events, national holidays, or factors beyond our control.

2.4. Right of withdrawal

The buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract (cancel the product or service) within 14 calendar days from making the product or service available, I.E., from sending the username and password to the user.

To withdraw from the contract, the buyer must submit a withdrawal declaration. The buyer can submit a withdrawal declaration via email to info@eeriksisland.Com.

If the buyer has withdrawn from the contract, eeriksisland.Com will refund the order amount to the buyer within 14 days from receiving the withdrawal declaration. Refunds will be made to the same bank account from which the payment for the order was received.

3. Data protection and processing principles

The seller ensures the protection of the buyer’s data, including personal data, in accordance with the privacy policy. The buyer confirms that they have read and agree to the privacy policy terms. Based on current legislation and the terms set out in the privacy policy, the seller has the right, without the buyer’s consent, to process data (including personal data) to the extent necessary for the use of the e-store, the execution or ensuring the execution of the sales agreement. Among other things, this means that, without separate consent, the seller has the right to: send notifications related to the use of e-store services to the buyer, including notifications the sending of which is in the interest of the security of e-store users; for better servicing of buyers and for proving transactions, retain data about orders placed by buyers who are logged into the e-store, including for a reasonable period, data about those orders that the buyer did not complete during the session.

4. Liability

The buyer is solely responsible for the security and use of their username and password required for using the product or service. Each use of the username and password is considered as made by the buyer, and the buyer is responsible for all activities conducted under this username.

The buyer confirms that they use the products and services purchased from the e-store at their full responsibility. The seller is not liable for any damages that may arise to the buyer or third parties from the use of products and/or services purchased from the e-store.

5. Validity of conditions

These e-store conditions are valid from 20.04.2024.